October 22, 2021


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Denmark vs. Finland match suspended after Christian Eriksen ‘medical emergency’ (UPDATED)

Christian Eriksen has been transferred to hospital and “stabilized”. I’m not sure if that means he’s in stable condition, but I sure hope so.

A single photo of Eriksen seemingly awake on the stretcher coming off the pitch is making the rounds on social media,

by way of official Getty Images, alongside with reports of him successfully receiving CPR and a defibrillator used as well.

Just before halftime of Denmark’s opening group game against Finland at Euro 2020, Denmark captain Christian Eriksen appeared to collapse on the pitch,

and the immediate reaction of all those around him made it pretty clear that this was something very serious.

The medical team rushed on as the Denmark team formed a protective circle around Eriksen to block the view of the still rolling cameras sending these images out for the whole world to see.

After about 15 minutes, UEFA officially suspended the match due to what they’re calling a “medical emergency”.

It clearly won’t be resuming anytime soon, and whether it goes ahead at some point in the near future is debatable.