October 22, 2021


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Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea part of ‘strong competition’ for signing – Dual targets presented

The latter sees his contract with AC Milan expire at the end of this month and will be leaving as a free agent.

Mino Raiola, the player’s agent, is looking for huge wages and a signing bonus, so the transfer will still come with a big associated cost.

Tuttosport, a Turin newspaper, reports there’s ‘strong competition’ lining up for Donnarumma, with Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and PSG named in the tussle.

Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma are also linked, and Tuttosport add that Szczesny would also be a good option for all the named clubs.

That feels a bit of a stretch, Szczesny signing for Tottenham, given his Arsenal past, is unlikely, and Chelsea probably aren’t keen on a deal.

This all feels like something of a mess revolving around Donnarumma, who is clearly the more attractive target of the two goalkeepers